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588Re: 1812 vs Napoleonic events

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  • probably Lynda and maybe Derek Leopold
    Mar 2, 1999
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      Hi List,
      Methinks the worms have escaped from the can I opened....

      Perhaps I should add that I don't actually disrespect ANYONE in the
      re-enactment hobby for doing something that I PERSONALLY think isn't
      "appropriate". My nose is not so long that I feel ONLY North Am. wars
      should be portrayed on NA soil....it's just that, as Rob H put it, too, War
      of 1812 needs all the help it can get and I think a large group of
      accurately-uniformed soldiers makes for a much better public impression.
      Call it an inferiority complex if you will. I still feel that somehow,
      Napoleonic guys or groups feel "their" war should automatically be OK and
      accepted at War of 1812 sites because it was bigger and "more important" in
      a global perspective. Also, although I can claim experience at only two
      Napoleonic events in N.A. (mea culpa---our unit DID go as
      themselves...RNR---nowhere near Wellington at anytime...but these ones were
      billed as Napoleonic-era events as opposed to actual recreations of
      Napoleonic War battles), it seems people who do Napoleonic usually portray
      officers and the like--all very glamourous when you get to put on all that
      gold trim and feathers, etc. It just doesn't seem to FIT at a War of 1812
      event to have all those officer-types wandering around, where, IMHO, things
      should be a little "grimier" or "less flamboyant" for a good overall
      picture. North America was, at the time, afterall akin to the MOON.

      OK---I would also like to make clear that I did not mean to *ruffle* any
      of those feathers, either!!! I put my thoughts on the subject out into the
      ether and certainly meant no offense to any person out there. This list
      contains one hell of a lot of pride...and I think we need to tone that down
      a little if any discussions of thoughts or ideals is to take place. We can
      all joke, but then, when an opinion comes across that you don't like, and
      you spray sarcasm across the screen like caustic acid, it's a big turn-off.
      TIme and time again, it's been said...we are all FRIENDS here----the 1812
      hobby needs as much support as it can get and cutting off our own noses does
      nothing for us. I myself promise to read a posting and then breathe deeply
      once or twice, read it again, breathe some more, and TRY not to reply in a
      manner that is overly insulting to anyone. People's ideas and opinions AND
      pride in their own hobbies/units should be welcome here, but the petty
      sarcasm isn't really necessary to get that across, is it? Maybe the long
      winter away from gunpowder has gotten us ALL a little edgy...

      BTW---I DID know about the tens of thousands of Canucks who fought
      and died for the US armies during ACW. I just added the thought because it
      is the same symptom of the "War of When???" disease we have here in Canada.
      I'd wager more people up here would recognize Lee or Sherman or Grant before
      the venerable Sir Brock.
      Alright, that's enough outta me....

      Lynda Leopold
      aka Scrubbietta,
      following the drum of the
      Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Lt Coy,
      Harrow Ontario
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