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587Re: 1812 vs Napoleonic events

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  • Allan and Rosemary
    Mar 2, 1999
      BritcomHMP@... wrote:
      > From: BritcomHMP@...
      > >
      > Rosemary, thank you sooooooo much for muddying the waters! :-)
      > I was actually referring to the rules used by the European Union of Re-
      > enactment Societies and I was very careful to state for 200th Anniversary
      > events which will only include Waterloo in 2015.
      > Now I am quite aware that the general view of the British re-enactor is "I've
      > worn this for the last 10 years, why should I get a new one?" But there are
      > those of us who have fought the uphill battle to try to get correct kit used.
      > The fact that some units might turn up incorrectly attired has to be faced and
      > if no one is going to put out the info beforehand or tell people that (for a
      > particularly important event) "Sorry you can't take part dressed like that",
      > then one must expect people to take liberties.
      > Cheers
      > Tim
      Oops! Sorry Tim. I quite agree with you. When Malta was first discussed
      the Europeans insisted on only 1798 kit but after a few British units
      threatened to boycott the event the rules were relaxed. You know how I
      feel about the NA and their lack of co-operation on these events is
      shameful. We feel nothing but admiration for the Europeans and their
      policy for following the timeline. We did some filming with one of the
      these units (and shamefully I've forgotten their name) and they told us
      how they were planning to change their uniforms to suit each anniversary
      battle - how many British re-enactors will say that! That's why I
      emphasised the point that WE changed our kit, so why couldn't others? As
      you say, it's an uphill struggle but everyone knew well in advance that
      these events were coming up, so what was the excuse?

      Tim, all I can say is sorry if I confused things but 'Keep fighting the
      Good Fight!'

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