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5816[WarOf1812] Re: Request: Pension Information ~James Hale

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  • IX Regiment
    Jul 4, 2000
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      I'm always nervous about venturing information on this forum since
      everyone seems to know so much more about the regulations of the British
      Army than I do and are very quick to point out the errors of one's ways

      However I have investigated the cases of James and Richard Hale, two
      brothers who were discharged from service in the IX Regiment of Foot
      (which is the reason for my interest!) serving from 1806 to 1814, after
      appearing before the Pensions Board of the Royal Military Hospital at
      Chelsea, the records are in the Public Records Office at Kew, London (GB
      not Canada).

      They were discharged on 23rd August 1814 and I have seen the entries in
      the ledgers, James was awarded 9d and Richard 1/-d, the difference
      appears to me to stem from the nature of their wounds. James lost the
      lower left forearm in front of San Sebastian on 31 August 1813 and
      Richard lost his right arm above the elbow in an action around Bayonne
      on 11 December 1813.

      I can only conclude that the pensions were based on the severity of the
      wounds assessed by the medical board, James had greater service and rank
      than his brother and a citation from his Company Captain but got a
      lesser pension.

      Most of the details are set down in "The Journal of James Hale Late
      Serjeant in the ninth Regiment of Foot" which I transcribed and
      republished in 1998.

      I have a supplementary question, does anyone know how the British Army
      in our period paid out the pensions?



      >> [Question re Privates Pensions] I seem to recall someone (Rifleman
      >Harris?) getting a 6d pension. Can anyone help?
      >> Do you mean this from Edward Costello about Tom Plunkett - I have
      >quoted the anecdote direct from Costello...[snip]
      >Thanks Anne, although I'm sure the 6d memory is from a book on my
      >shelf, which does not (yet) include Costello. If I find the time,
      >I'll go through the various recollections in my library, but I'm
      >pretty certain it was Harris. Even so, once I find it, this gives me
      >two examples to back up the 6d supposition. I'd still like to see a
      >summary of the Regulations, plus the rates for Sergeants, Corporals,
      >Drummers, etc.
      >R. Jason Everett,
      >(Capt.), Incorporated Militia
      IX Regiment
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