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5810Re: Request: Pension Information

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  • Jason Everett
    Jul 4, 2000
      --- In WarOf1812@egroups.com, Anne Woodley <awoodley@i...> wrote:
      > jeverett@s... wrote;
      > [Question re Privates Pensions] I seem to recall someone (Rifleman
      Harris?) getting a 6d pension. Can anyone help?
      > Do you mean this from Edward Costello about Tom Plunkett - I have
      quoted the anecdote direct from Costello...[snip]

      Thanks Anne, although I'm sure the 6d memory is from a book on my
      shelf, which does not (yet) include Costello. If I find the time,
      I'll go through the various recollections in my library, but I'm
      pretty certain it was Harris. Even so, once I find it, this gives me
      two examples to back up the 6d supposition. I'd still like to see a
      summary of the Regulations, plus the rates for Sergeants, Corporals,
      Drummers, etc.

      R. Jason Everett,
      (Capt.), Incorporated Militia
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