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5785Re: [WarOf1812] Cruikshank Documents

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  • Fitzhugh MacCrae
    Jul 2, 2000
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      --- "R. Feltoe" <feltoe@...> wrote:
      > Rob,
      > Here are two pieces from Cruikshank's "Documentary
      > History"
      > All I can say is, What a way to run a war!
      > A letter from New York State Governor, Tompkins to
      > Secretary of War William
      > Eustis on difficulties in supplying the militia with
      > equipment, 27 June,
      > 1812;
      > ". The keeper of the stores will not part with
      > cannon, muskets, ammunition,
      > or other articles, without the order of his superior
      > officer. General
      > Dearborn has requested me to order out the
      > militia.and informs me that the
      > Quartermaster General will supply camp equipage for
      > them. Upon application
      > to the Quartermaster General, who is now in Albany,
      > I find there is no camp
      > equipage except a few tents and about sixty camp
      > kettles which have been in
      > our arsenal at this place for several years. For
      > the delivery of even these
      > I cannot obtain a written order. The Deputy
      > Quartermaster General will not
      > give an order for their delivery without written
      > directions from the
      > Quartermaster General and the Quartermaster General
      > does not seem willing to
      > give such written directions.although he is
      > perfectly willing I should have
      > the articles. Under such circumstances, I shall
      > presume to take possession
      > of them at my own hazard and shall accordingly
      > forward them to-morrow
      > morning, hoping that my proceedings on the emergency
      > will be approved and
      > confirmed."
      > (Tompkin Papers N.Y.State Library)
      > A letter from General William Wadsworth to New
      > York State Governor
      > Tompkins upon being notified that he was being
      > placed in command of the
      > American militia forces on the Niagara frontier,
      > June 28, 1812;
      > "Sir- I have received your letter of the 23rd
      > instant. I take the command
      > of the troops at Black Rock and its vicinity in
      > obedience to Your Excellency
      > 's order with the greatest diffidence, having no
      > experience of actual
      > service. My knowledge of the military art is
      > limited; indeed, I foresee
      > numberless difficulties and occurrences which will
      > present to which I feel
      > totally inadequate. I have been ambitious that the
      > regiment and brigade
      > which I have commanded should be distinguished at
      > their reviews, but I
      > confess myself ignorant of even the minor duties of
      > the duty you have
      > assigned me, and I am apprehensive that I may not
      > only expose myself but my
      > Government. Any aid which Your Excellency may think
      > proper to order will be
      > received with thanks. A military secretary
      > intimately acquainted with the
      > details of camp duty would be of great service to
      > me."
      > (Tompson Papers Vol VII, P271 2 N.Y. State Library.
      > And these guys wanted a war?
      > Regards Richard Feltoe

      No, its how a handful of politicians - on both sides -
      wanted a war. That's the way it always is - nobody
      ever asks the opinion of the P.B.I. who have to fight

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