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5783Re: [WarOf1812] Port Dover

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  • Rob Taylor
    Jul 1, 2000
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      Hi Richard:
      I would be interested in seeing them.

      I just got back from viewing the reenactment at Fort
      York or at least the first part of it, traffic was
      nuts, stuck for ages not moving. Missed the actual
      landing of Americans at the beach couldn't get to it.

      --- "R. Feltoe" <feltoe@...> wrote:
      > Dear Fitzhugh,
      > You are entirely correct in questioning the
      > reference to Cruikshank as he
      > certainly wrote some biased accounts (based upon the
      > time period he wrote in
      > and his natural pride in Canada) of events during
      > the war. But I'm afraid
      > the Documentary History is not one of them. It
      > consists entirely of
      > transcriptions of Official Orders, Regimental rolls,
      > Official and private
      > letters from almost everyone connected with the war,
      > journals, newspaper
      > publications and a whole lot more. I have checked a
      > large number of these
      > transcriptions against the original documents and
      > apart from a few typos and
      > misinterpretations of poor handwriting in the
      > original documents is a fairly
      > faithful and comprehensive record of the war from a
      > multitude of sources. I
      > would be happy to bang out a few of the more
      > interesting and otherwise
      > unpublished documents on this list if anyone wants
      > to see them.
      > Regards Richard Feltoe

      War of 1812 Website: war1812.tripod.com

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