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578Re: 1812 vs Napoleonic events

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  • mmathews@xxxx.xxxxxx.xxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Mar 2, 1999
      (snip my original)
      >Nicely put Mike, As you are no doubt aware the 200th anniversary events in
      >Europe are incredibly authentic. They will not even permit women who can be
      >recognized as such in the ranks and an 1803 habit vest may not be worn at a
      >1799 event (even though to the uninitiated there is no difference). However
      >for the every day events we are more than happy to accommodate units that want
      >to join in.

      I had heard that about the '99 events. Kind of a pity, but it also helps
      keep the numbers down and therefore the events more affordable. Do people
      here know about the bounties paid for reenactors? Makes renting those
      coaches to take your unit to Germany (or where ever) possible.

      >As you may well be aware the New Orleans event in January would welcome some
      >French participation as one of the local militia units obtained its kit from
      >France. Basically to accurately represent Plauche's Uniformed Battalion all
      >you need are shako covers, well to be strictly accurate a change of buttons
      >too but I think the NPS would let that pass.

      Even with our crowned "N"s on the tails? I have often thought of going,
      New Orleans being eminantly preferable to Minnesota in winter. We have
      shako covers, but they all have a big "21" on them. Perhaps we'll need to
      talk more as it nears.


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