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556Re: 1812 vs Napoleonic events

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  • probably Lynda and maybe Derek Leopold
    Mar 1, 1999
      Hello List,
      I felt the need to add a couple of pennies to this thread....

      I must agree with Betsy (but I don't have the guts to agree as STRONGLY :)
      as she does...) that there seems to be an impression around here that
      Napoleonic is somehow "better" than War of 1812 reenacting...and that's
      something I've encountered HERE on good ol' North American soil...I have a
      great amount of pride in doing War of 1812 AND especially when I get to
      educate some poor ignorant soul about it....Betsy is right about how
      important the War was for the US in forming their identity as a nation; now
      think about how much MORE important it was for the Canadians!!! This was the
      first chance all those Loyalists got to test their mettle against the
      Republicans after the great exodus north, and another chance for both sides
      to AFFIRM their particular bent as far as the monarchy went. Canadians also
      generally take the view that the US was an "invading" force (let's NOT get
      into that one--I'm just *saying* that it's the widely accepted view from a
      Canadian standpoint...we're all *friends* NOW, aren't we???) so ending the
      War with all our territory intact and a not-bad win record for battles was
      really an ego boost to all of us....and still is for some of us!

      I'm sorry to offend any of those Nappy types out there (well, in North
      America at least), but I really have no sympathy for you...there's a
      perfectly good little War to reenact right here on THIS side of the water
      for that very same time period...Imagine if all the Napoleonics joined up to
      War of 1812 reenactment (and I mean CORRECTLY, not as "Observers" as is
      usually the case)! Not only would 1812's numbers skyrocket, but the whole
      thing would come across as more accurate instead of all these big stories
      that Nappies have to concoct as to why they are on a War of 1812 battlefield....

      In a similar vein...it has always amazed me how many Canadians (esp.
      Toronto-types) do US Civil War!!! The reenactment held each year near
      Toronto gets more soldiers than 1812 could ever hope for!!! C'mon
      guys---NOT our war!!!!(Again we could argue the merits of THAT statement but...)

      I guess my point overall is....if you are so interested in history, get
      interested in your OWN history in your OWN backyard! The people you will
      educate about things that happened where THEY live will astound you!!!
      That's one of my greatest rewards for reenacting...when a "civilian" listens
      to me explain something an then is genuinely impressed and says, "Gee, I
      didn't know that! That's pretty cool." It's actually been said by a few
      TEENAGERS, too!

      I would like to hear from Napoleonic reenactors (in North America) as to why
      they chose to do it instead of War of 1812....I'm not sure I'd end up
      changing my mind about you all, but it would be an interesting excercise.

      Cheers to you all,
      Lynda Leopold,
      aka Scrubbietta,
      following the drum of the
      Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Lt Coy
      Harrow, Ontario.
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