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4964Chippawa Battlefield

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  • Raymond Hobbs
    May 1, 2000
      James Elliott has a great article in the print version of the Hamilton
      Spectator about then surveying of the battlefield at Chippawa by the
      Niagara Parks Commission archaeologists. The method is similar to that
      conducted at Little Big Horn, using detectors to locate metal pobjects,
      then digging to determine who fired what at whom, so that battle lines
      can be plotted.
      I spent six years conducting 'Old World' archaeology in the Middle East,
      and the use of metal detectors was regarded as the greatest sin. When
      one is dealing with structural archaeology, that is fine. But on a site
      like this, which has not changed a lot over the decades, this is an
      excellent way to contribute to our understanding of the battle.
      Well done!
      Ray Hobbs
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