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4764Re: OT: [WarOf1812] Sharpe end of the stick

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  • mmathews@VAX2.WINONA.MSUS.EDU
    Apr 5, 2000
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      >Ya know.....with just a wee bit of a change, this could be yet another
      >historical fiction character (but too early a time period for him). Something
      >like this:
      >Returning to England as a stowaway to be escape being part of the Rifle Corps
      >the transport is taken by the allied fleet and he is stored aboard the French
      >While becoming grudging friends with a sympathetic character (French of
      >course) he learns something about the nature of sailing and the fleet's
      >mission. As battle is about to be joined he luckily escapes through a hole
      >blown through the deck and makes his way clear of any fighting he can. Just
      >as the Buccetaur (spelling wrong, sorry) is about to cut across the Victory's
      >stern and rake her, he accidentally detonates a cache of grenades (dropped a
      >lantern when he bumbles into his French friend who luckily shoved him out of
      >the way of a large flying splinter, the friend dies in the resulting
      >explosion of course, that effectively takes the wind out of her sails. As
      >the two ships drift together he becomes embroiled in a hand to hand struggle
      >(literally -- he is thrown on top of the fellow when a loose yardarm hits him
      >from behind) with a villainous officer and as usual kills him by falling off
      >the poop deck with the officer underneath him thereby luckily breaking the
      >fellow's neck. He then
      >begins to be shot at by Royal Marines (who think he's French). He manages to
      >grab the musket of one of the French marines (who are also shooting at him)
      >and as they wrestle over it, the musket goes off in the general direction of
      >and at the critical moment Nelson is shot. Thereby failing to save England's
      >second great hero of the Napoleonic Wars. (He's only human after all.)
      >Dropping to the main deck he screams at a swivel gun crew who turn and
      >disrupt a determined looking boarding party about to sweep across the
      >Victory's decks, doing such a bang up job that no one realizes the peril they
      >were in, and therefore make no mention of it in the official history.
      >However, Hardy mentions it to the Prince Regent who presents Harry Flashman
      >with a special medal.

      Or to keep it in an eternal time line, make it Black Adder and Baldric as


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