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  • Aaron Marcavitch
    Aug 19, 2014
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      We can't wait for this Saturdays festival. If you can't join us, please follow us on social media (@undaunted1814) for updates and photos. Also, on CSPAN-3 will be a live broadcast a 1pm of our authors roundtable. That's Steve Vogel, Ralph Eschelman, Christopher George, and Peter Snow discussing the battle of Bladensburg. 

      The battle will be at 3pm. 

      If you haven't planned on attending and are in the DC area, we hope you join us. Free shuttles to the park all day. See all the details on http://undaunted.splashthat.com 

      Also on Sunday, plenty more happening in DC for the burning of Washington - see http://www.dcwarof1812.org 

      Aaron Marcavitch

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