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47361Re: 2014 Longwoods Ambush

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  • Jason Everett
    May 1, 2014
      Rather a different variation.
      I’m not sure if the open coats and no headgear is particularly conducive to a Longwoods event. Maybe no belts or shakos.
      I’m not sure I could remember the particular details of the firing, hits, etc. rules. Referees with the two human groups could call out how many zeds go down, or even point them out. (Hey, it’s only about two minutes you’re out of the game.)
      I can see the British and American teams being enemies at the start of the game. Maybe they stay so until one or both teams reach say 50%. They could continue fighting if they wanted. Or if they get caught in a particular situation they could (temporarily?) call a truce.
      As in “Walking Dead” any of the humans killed whilst fighting over the flag, go down for the 120 count, and revive as zombies. (Sling or club arms, attack any human nearby, or otherwise join nearest herd.)
      Could be a real laugh.
      Jason Everett
      (Lowly) Corporal, IMUC
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