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47352RE: 1812 2014 Longwoods Ambush

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  • peter monahan
    Apr 30 8:17 AM

      Love it!

      Peter Monahan

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      From: mdickerson1@...
      To: WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 10:26:15 -0400
      Subject: 1812 2014 Longwoods Ambush


      Every year at Longwoods on Saturday morning, we always put on an ambush for the re-enactors.  This is before the public arrives.  In the past we have done ‘capture the flag’, ‘capture a spy’, ‘capture supplies’, secret turncoats, time limits, and just an all out free for all many times.


      This year I have been racking my brain to figure something new.  And I have it….




      Now before anybody jumps down my throat and says “What a stupid idea”, “We’ve never done that before”, let me explain.  People said the same things years ago when I proposed doing paintball.  People we very upset and angry and thought I was nuts and refused to trust me and even threatened to boycott the event if I went through with it.  But it ended up being very successful with lots of people watching and even asking to do it again.


      I am putting this out to everybody for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. 


      Here is what I was thinking:


      ZOMBIESSS!!  The Zombie apocalypse has occurred shortly after the United States declared War on Great Britain.  The human race is being overrun.  Ammunition is in short supply in North America.  You must search for survival items and survive to the end.

      Teams –Americans/ British and ZoMbIeS!
      The human teams are small, and zombies are more numerous.



      ·          retrieve 3 flags (hidden by ref) and survive 30 minutes

      ·         don’t get killed!


      ·         Don’t let humans finish their objectives

      ·         BRAIINSS………


      ·         limited ammo (10 rounds)~~*maybe a hidden ammo supply /

      ·         can run

      ·         must try to find 3 flags and survive 30 minutes


      ·         They tag to kill

      ·         Identified by no musket/ unbuttoned coat/ no hat

      ·         CANNOT run, but can quick walk

      ·         CANNOT communicate with each other, but can moan and grunt

      ·         Takes 3 ‘hits’ to kill

      ·         Touch a human and the human instantly turn zombie

      - A human cannot hold all 3 flags (unless he is last person alive)
      -if you are human and get tagged by a zombie you are now a zombie (any physical contact)

      -once a human is tagged they cannot give ammo

      -zombies aren’t allowed to use guns, so carry it with you, and unbutton your coat and take off hat if possible

      - die on ground and re animate after 2 or 3 minutes (slow count to 120)

      -volley fire (more than 5 guys in line) counts as only 2 hits on a single zombie.  If you are shooting at a group of zombies with volley fire, then only 1 hit per zombie.

      This game will depend A LOT on the zombies being HONEST

      Zombies-Keep track on how many hits you have. 

      Humans- call out your target and identify the zombie.  Don’t get mad if you shoot a zombie that you think he should die and he doesn’t.  He may not know that you shot him, especially from a distance.  Remember, a musket is not accurate.


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