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47275Battle of Chippawa 200th Anniversary July 5th and 6th

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  • a10rca
    Mar 17, 2014

      Hello All

      This is lengthy but includes almost all the information for the Battle of Chippawa event.

      Dear Reenactor:                                                                                  17 March, 2014    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

      Preparations for the Battle of Chippawa 200th anniversary are underway.  The event will take place July 5th and July 6th 2014 on the actual historic site, located at the corner of The Niagara Parkway and Edgeworth Road in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  Please forward your unit registration by May 1st.

      Saturday July 5th 

      1:00pm         Welcome Event

      2:00pm         Battle of Chippawa Reenactment

      5:00pm         Commemorative Service

      Sunday July 6th

      2:00pm         Battle of Lundy’s Lane (on the Chippawa field)


      This is an austere location with no modern services.  It is a battlefield and the last resting place of Canadian, British, American and First Nation men who died in action July 5th, 1814.   Currently, the following will be provided for the weekend:

      - Potable water will be available at the site.

      - Fire pits are permitted and firewood is available all weekend.

      - Only portapotties are available on site 24 hours a day. 

      - A food ticket for one meal will be provided to each participant for each day and food will be available from 11am to 6pm

      To Register, Please Visit 


      Only one registration per unit is necessary and updates are allowed – please indicate an update. All individual participants must fill out a Volunteer Release Form upon arrival.  Check-in will be available at the Battlefield entrance at the corner of the Niagara Parkway and Edgeworth Road  Friday July 4th 2pm -10pm.


      For our American friends, we would advise you to cross into Canada at: The Peace Bridge, Buffalo / Fort Erie.  (Please don’t try to swim like Winfield Scott.)  We will contact Canada Customs in Fort Erie and this letter of invitation should assist your crossing.  If travelling from the U.S. be advised that you will need a passport to get back home, please contact your local representative for information.   There is no fee for flintlock firearms crossing the border but they must be declared.

      The age for handling black powder is 16.  All firearms, artillery pieces and implements will be inspected by site staff before they can be used for demonstrations.  Copies of the site’s Participant Guidelines and Field Safety Rules are attached, and will be available at the event. Please ensure all unit members are aware of these safety rules.

      ARTILLERY UNITS -   Any cannon barrel under 3' or 90 cm in length and with a carriage with less than 2' or 60cm of clearance, unless designated a mortar or howitzer, cannot be guaranteed a spot in the artillery lines.   In the tall grass, scale guns will disappear.  If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE contact Jim Hill at jhill at niagaraparks.com

      Looking forward to seeing you during the 2014 campaign season.



      1. Everyone must check-in upon arrival on the Battlefield at the corner of the Niagara Parkway and Edgeworth Road in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  EVERY ADULT MUST SIGN A VOLUNTEER RELEASE FORM.

      2. Camp locations are pre-determined and must be followed to allow room for everyone.  This is an austere location with limited space – it is a field.   Please limit canvas.  One fly per unit. Prepare for warm weather and bugs.

      3. The public will be allowed into the encampment between 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and we ask participants to have their area open to the public during these times.  No anachronisms are allowed in front of the public and we ask that you explain to the visitors your uniforms and equipment.  Many visitors indicate this is the highlight of their visit to events.

      4. Equipment, black powder and firearms are the responsibility of each unit and must not be left unsecured.  Firing is only allowed in the designated range area. 

      5. Every Unit Commander Briefing must be attended by a unit representative.  Every unit member must read the Safety Rules for the handling of firearms and black powder.

      6. This is a family event and please, even with a licensed venue nearby, no consumption of alcohol is allowed during open hours.  Late night noise or disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and those involved may be asked to leave by site staff or police. 

      7. Firepits will be designated by site staff, please ask where you can place your unit’s firepit.  Simply turn the sod, please don’t dig (Willoughby clay is like rock), fires must be limited to a size for cooking and must not be left unattended.  Each fire must have water buckets.    Please turn the sod back before leaving the event.

      8. First Aid Kits, Firefighting Equipment and Staff will be located at the Drive Shed on the Battle of Chippawa site parking lot.  

      9. There is a private home on the battlefield, they are very nice people. Please don’t ask to use their facilities.

      10. Vehicles are allowed into the period camp for unloading and loading Friday July 4th 2:00pm to 10:00pm, Saturday July 5th before 10:00am and after 7:00pm, Sunday July 6th after 3pm.  Please keep streets in the camp clear for maintenance and emergency vehicles.   


      12.   Selling items from anywhere other than Merchants/Sutler’s Row and without paying the Sutler Fee is prohibited.

      13.   Site staff and Police will be on duty throughout the event.  If there is an emergency, do not      hesitate to call 911.

        Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.  Please be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your animal.

      14. Children must be under the direct supervision of a parent or responsible adult at all times.

      15. Firewood provided by the site is for EVERYONE.  Be considerate of fellow participants and take firewood only as needed.                                                                        Historic Merchants

      1. Merchants must be in period costume, use period tents and selling items related to the period. 

        Merchants are also required to register and provide proof of insurance for your business.  Such proof can be provided by your insurance agent or your military unit’s insurer.  Please note that regular re-enactor’s insurance specifically excludes commercial activities – for your own protection, as well as the protection of the site and your customers, please ensure that you do have proper coverage.


        Payment for Merchant Space:

        All merchant spaces must be paid upon your arrival. The cost per merchant space at Chippawa is $40 CDN.


        Set Up:         Please provide detailed information in the section for tent space:

        You may set up during the following times at Chippawa Battlefield

      • Friday July 4th 2pm – 10pm

      • If you wish to set up earlier please contact Jim Hill.


        Tear Down:   You may tear down after the afternoon tactical on Sunday July 6th after 3pm.


        Merchant Space Rentals:  The space that you have rented is for your company or group only.  Each merchant’s space will be indicated by stakes and twine according to the measurements you provide.  Please strictly observe these markings and please work with your neighbours to ensure that these boundaries are respected. 


        Items Offered for Sale:  Please help us in maintaining the quality of this event by displaying and selling only items that are historically accurate and/or relate to the 1812-1814 period.  If you are asked by designated staff to remove an inappropriate item please comply.  If you chose not to maintain period merchant status you will be asked to leave the event and invoiced as a modern vendor.  The fees for modern vendors start at $300.00.


        The sale of any item acquired by archaeological excavation or pirated copies are strictly prohibited.


        If you have any questions or concerns, please contact merchant co-ordinator Susan Spencer at 905-525-6303 or info at spencersmercantile.com,orJimHill jhill at niagaraparks.com                                                  NIAGARA PARKS COMMISSION - FIELD SAFETY RULES

      • All participants, including non-combatants, should read these field safety rules.  Attendance by a Unit Representative at all safety briefings and walk-throughs is compulsory.  Any unit that is not represented will be asked to stay in camp.


      1. Black powder must be kept a minimum of eight (8) metres/yards from open fires. 

      2. When not in use powder must be secured and out of the reach of visiting public.

      3. Any theft of black powder should be reported to site staff.

      4. Preparation of ammunition should be done before arrival. 

      5. Participants under 16 years of age will not handle black powder.

      6. If disposal of black powder is necessary, it is to be done by site safety staff.



      1.    Only proofed reproduction firearms can be used.

      2.    All ammunition and firearms will be examined by designated site safety staff.

      3.    All firearms should be in working order and have a functioning half-cock mechanism.

      4.    No firearm, loaded or unloaded, shall be pointed towards another person

      5.    No member of the public shall handle a firearm, loaded or unloaded.

      6.    All firearms must be secure at all times, either held in hand or locked away.

      7.    Any necessary licenses or permits should be readily available.



      1. All edged weapons including bayonets, knives, swords, tomahawks, etc., must be sheathed on the field with the exception of approved weapons during demonstrations with no opposing sides.

      2. No edged weapons may be thrown at any time with the exception of approved weapons during demonstrations with no opposing sides.



      1. The safety of the viewing public and reenactors is paramount and will be the determining factor in the location and extent of demonstrations.


      3. Any person found violating stated rules and regulations will result in his/her immediate expulsion from the site during the remainder of the program.

      4. Any unit that does not abide by the rules or cannot control their unit members will be removed from the program and will not be invited to future reenactments.

      5. NO Firing of small arms, in any direction, within six (6) metres/yards of viewing lines.

      6. NO Firearm or Artillery piece is to be discharged toward or over viewers.

      7. NO Participant will cross viewing lines during demonstrations.

      8. ALL Unit commanders must clear and safety check their unit’s firearms before leaving a demonstration.

      9. The command STOP will halt marching, loading and firing until cleared by site safety staff to continue.



      1. During any opposed side demonstration, firearms will not be deliberately aimed at ‘enemy forces’, regardless of distance/range to the opposing line.

      2. Ramrods are not to be used at any time during a tactical demonstration.  At the beginning and end of a tactical they will be used to ensure the firearm is unloaded.

      3. Muskets must use black powder in pre-measured paper cartridges.  Loading from a powder horn is not permitted. 

      4. No projectile, including wadding, may be fired from a musket at any time.

      5. No demonstration of rapid fire will be permitted.

      6. Firing will cease within twenty five (25) metres/yards of two units and no closing with edged weapons is allowed.  Any closing must be pre-determined with Opposing Force Commanders and Site Staff.

      7. After three (3) misfires, powder will be dumped from the barrel of a muzzleloader before another attempt to load or fire.

      8. Firearms will be unloaded - fired or the powder dumped - before crossing obstacles.

      9. Frizzen covers (hammer stalls) to prevent accidental discharge are strongly recommended.  Flashguards fitted to priming pans are strongly recommended.  Earplugs are strongly recommended.

      10. All mounted units must keep their horses under control at all times.

      11. Infantry will stay a minimum distance of fifty (50) metres/yards from firing artillery.  Infantry will not advance on a gun position with a misfired artillery piece.



      1. All Loading and Firing intervals will be confirmed by the Site Safety Staff.  A five minute loading interval will be the minimum standard.

      2. All artillery blank charges will be made of aluminum foil, rolled and formed with a distinct bottom and top, filled with black powder and no wadding.

      3. Ear plugs and gloves are strongly recommended.

      4. Each artillery piece, its implements and the gun detachment’s drills will be inspected by site safety staff. 

      5. Detachments will double worm and double sponge for all blank firings.

      6. Artillery pieces will be spaced a minimum of five (5) metres/yards from hub to hub.

      7. Artillery will not be fired if there are any re-enactors within fifty (50) metres/yards of the muzzle, inside a left and right arc of thirty (30) degrees (550 mils), from the rear of the artillery piece.

      8. Ammunition in a self-closing munitions box will be kept within the safety arcs at the rear of the piece.

      9. Artillery will be placed a minimum of twelve (12) metres/yards in front of, or to the side of, the public viewing lines. 

      10. Loaded artillery pieces will not be moved.

      11. Any misfire will be cleared in place and no attempt to re-ram will be allowed. Once all evidence of smoke is clear, a minimum of 5 minutes will be observed and the detachment will be given the opportunity to prime and attempt firing a second time.  No third attempt will be permitted. The artillery piece is out of action and will be cleared in place after the tactical demonstration.




        FIRST AID - Trained site staff are on and around the field with water and first aid kits, they will be identified by armbands.  Safety Access Routes will be indicated.   If you are a medical or emergency professional it would be helpful if you identified yourself at registration or officer call.



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