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  • annwass2000
    Feb 8
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      I've mentioned this before, but it would be helpful if you told us more about WHERE your event is, so we don't have to Google it.


      Ann Wass

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      Subject: 1812 Malcolm Mill

      To All Re-enacters
      I would like to  announce that the Middlesex/Oxford/ Norfolk Militias has been asked to hoist the Battle of Malcolms Mill ( Last Shot Fired) that took place 200 years ago November 5th 1814, The South Brant Legion, South Brant Lions and Brant County have asked to  have  an all Militia event, to be held on June 28th due to field conditions/In November. We are looking  for re-enacters wishing to be part of this event. We are currently setting up meals, camp sites, transportation ,etc. Please e-mail me at Kellsvenningsen@... if you are interested in attending. 
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