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47163Fw: 1812 RE: NCO swords

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  • daniel schroth
    Jan 11, 2014
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      Check out the Cold Steel company for cool 1812 swords.

      On Friday, January 10, 2014 10:47 AM, Roger Roop <crazy_swede_1863@...> wrote:
                  I ran into a similar problem last year when trying to find an appropriate NCO sword for my militia impression.  While doing research on NCO swords for patriot forces I found that many of them were far shorter than the officer variants (usually between 23” to 26” compared to the 30” to 33” lengths of many officer models).  N. STARR appears to have made many of these swords as well as their officer counterparts, but the "large" number of these swords may have been due to a number of counterfeit blades to have hit the market early in the 20th C. 
                  While most of the NCO swords I have seen for American forces are made entirely of steel with wooden/ and in some cases leather wrapped wooden handles, I have seen a couple N. STARR marked brass hilted swords.  Not many, but some.  Now I never found a replica of this sword on the open market, but I did find a British one that could be serviceable as either a British or American NCO sword and that is the Royal Artillery Gunner's Sword 1800 – 1821.  This sword has a 25” straight blade (sabers were generally the mark of an officer’s sword or of the cavalry) and has a Brass guard.  It is the closest I have seen to an N. STARR NCO sword and it can be found here.


      If you are able to find a reproduction of the N. STARR all steel NCO sword, please post it here.  For while I am satisfied with what I carry I would much rather have something that is 100% on the mark for my own piece of mind.
      Your Obedient Servant
      Roger Thor Roop
      Acting Sergeant and Chief Historical Officer
      Frederick County Militia War of 1812
      9th Brigade, 16th Regiment, 1st. Battalion, Maryland Militia
      Captain George Washington McGee’s Company

      On Friday, January 10, 2014 8:13 AM, Kevin Windsor <kevin.windsor@...> wrote:
      So which one of the US swords is an NCO sword?


      On 2014-01-10, at 5:31 AM, Barbossa <gigi.mcandrews@...> wrote:

      Hi Jim,

      In case you overlooked it, I'll draw your attention again to the following post.  Note the paragraph that details American swords.


      1808 Infantry/Artillery Officer Sabre (5-ball hilt with eagle head pommel)
      1808 Infantry Officer Sword in both gold and silver finishes (5-ball hilt with eagle head pommel).
      1808 Naval Officer Sword (5-ball hilt with eagle head pommel).

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