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47132Fort Niagara

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  • shayna121
    Dec 22, 2013
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      Hello All,
        On behalf of the Crown Forces Staff, I would like to say thank you to everyone that participated in the Fort Niagara event last Thursday.  I was blown away by the number of people that participated in the early morning march and the event as a whole.  It was a fabulous way to commemorate this event.  
        During the battle, I took the opportunity to stop and watch for a moment.  I think we gave the audience an incredible show.  Seeing the reenactors silhouetted against the snow was a very eerie, and yet very authentic perspective.  Other reenactments will be hard-pressed to show this level of realism to future crowds.

        There are two people that deserve special thanks for this event.  Jere Brubaker of Fort Niagara had the vision for this event at least a year ago and worked very hard to make it a reality.  Everything seemed to be planned to a minute detail, and I would like to thank Jere for all his work in pulling this off.
        In addition, Peter Martin is to be thanked for opening his Fort to us as well.  The two shuttle buses across the border were entirely paid for by Parks Canada, and Peter worked very hard to ensure as smooth a border crossing as possible.  I would like to thank Peter for all his efforts as well.

      Happy Holidays, everyone, and we'll see you at Longwoods,

      Chris McKay
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