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  • mikebrewer1956
    Nov 4 7:37 AM

       Thanks, I will definitely check it out. One in particular I am trying to find info on is Leonard Thomas, probably from Virginia. 

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      Welcome to the group. I would also like to invite you to look into the General Society of the War of 1812 in Ohio. We have just celebrated our 25th year of the reopening our charter. There are a lot of members that can assist you in tracing the history of your veterans.


      Sorry for the cross posting!

      Craig Fisher

      1st regiment volunteers

      Vice-President of the General Society of the War of 1812 in Ohio

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      Hi, all. The War of 1812 took a few twists and turns through the area I am from, and I have recently developed a renewed interest in it. In my genealogical research, I have discovered four direct ancestors, all gggg and ggggg grandfathers who participated on the US side. Harrison's Military Road, running from the Greenville Treaty line in present-day Marion County, Ohio to points north is near where I grew up. One of those ancestors, Captain William S. Drake is buried near that road about three miles from where I now live. Another, William Morral is also buried very near the road in the next county north of here, Wyandot. 
      I'm looking forward to participating and learning from this group. 
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