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47080Good to be back!

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  • Tim Pickles
    Nov 4, 2013

      Well this is very timely! after years of not getting, and not being able to access, messages it seems Yahoo changed the settings over the weekend and Lo and behold, I am getting them again!  

      It is timely because I can use the 1812 list to inform you all of developments in the Battle of New Orleans re-enactment for the bicentennial. Obviously word has gone out fast since Steve Abolt made the official announcement of the event as this years Mississinewa 1812 but things continue to develop daily. As Steve announced we will be using a small portion of the site to stage our night battle on January 10th next year so everyone will get the opportunity to view the site. There is ample accommodation for sutlers, artillery parks, horse lines etc.and we hope to continue the event annually after the bicentennial so that we can become the 'bookend' event that starts the 1812 season as Mississinewa is the one that finishes it. Our Bicentennial weekend will be January 10th 11th 2015 but there will be lots to do both before and after, including the commemorations at the National Park, the opening of the Battle of New Orleans exhibition at the State Museum and the opening of the Andrew Jackson exhibition at the Historic New Orleans Collection.

      Anyway , good to be back!

      Tim Pickles  
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