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  • a10rca
    Oct 30, 2013
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      That's awesome.

      I really like the Fanshawe event.


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      Fanshawe 1812 is hosted by Fanshawe Pioneer Village and volunteer members of the Royal Scots regiment. FPV sits within Fanshawe Conservation Area which is in the northeast section of the city of London, ON. 

      There is no historical connection between the village and the War of 1812 it just provides a beautiful venue in which we are allowed to play and depict 1812 style battles to the public, what life was like back then in large period correct camps. The beauty is that there is very little if any modern buildings or structures nearby to spoin the mood. The occasional jet makes an early morning run or mid-afternoon landing, but other than that it is a peacful country setting.

      It is one of the few sites that also allows those with period correct boats to play as well as Fanshawe Lake is within the park and next to the village.

      For more information see their website;


      The 1812 portion of the site and registrations will be up some time in January of next year.


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      Hello list,

      I just wanted to take this opportunity to inform everyone that Fanshawe 1812, known as The Invasion of Upper Canada, will indeed be making a return to the 1812 schedule next year.

      The dates will be October 4th and 5th with setting taking place on Friday the 3rd. 

      We hope everyone will come back and enjoy this unique site that allows us to play in such and unspoiled, with the exception of the occasional Westjet flight, environment. 

      We hope to recreate what we have done in years past, without rain, and change up the event a bit to make it fresher and keep interest up. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas please let me know off list, sending them to me.

      Thanks. See you along the march.

      Dave Westhouse
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