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47074Waterloo 2015

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  • petemonahan
    Oct 29, 2013
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      The 200th of the Battle of Waterloo is rapidly approaching and a committee has been formed to support the interests of those in North America who wish to participate as part of the Crown Forces North American Division.

      We need to know if you or your unit is interested in participating as part of our Division!

      To participate as a unit, your group must be of a reasonable size.  We have communicated those guidelines to unit commanders.

      How do you participate?

      If your unit may go, encourage your unit commander to let us know of your group’s interest.

      A similar notice has been sent to each unit commander for whom we have contact information.

       If you wish to be on the field as an individual, that best way to attend is to seek an existing unit.  Assistance can be provided to match up with units but an individual should anticipate visiting with and serving with the host unit at an event in 2014, as that host unit will need to be comfortable with your safety and conduct as they will be responsible for you.

      The uniform standard will be a red coat (each unit can wear their own coat) with grey trousers and Belgic shakos.  Any desire to appear in any other type of uniform as part of the Crown Forces Division you should inquire and seek approval.

      Details are being worked on around points of departure, transportation of muskets/equipment, etc.

      A sample trip itinerary can be found at the Ellison Travel and Tours website:


       Individuals, who wish to travel as part of the group booking but not necessarily be on the field in uniform, can express their interest on the Ellison Travel and Tours website.

      Please contact Peter Monahan for more details at:  petemonahan@...


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