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  • Michael Mathews
    Oct 21, 2013
      And we were there on Sunday.  Leipzig was of monumental proportions.  More than just a defeat, it destroyed the Rheinbund while simultaneously giving rise to German nationalism that would lead to unification and that which followed, along with ensuring the 1st Abdication. 
      Numbers reported at the reenactment will vary, but I know we had at least 3000 French and allied infantry (some of whom stuck it out), 25 guns and maybe 100 cavalry.  The Allies had us hugely outnumbered.
      Quote of the Week (slightly edited) to our mostly English speaking peloton: "Lieutenant, we have a butt load of Austrian grenadiers coming at our arse."
      Michael Mathews, still in Berlin
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      I second the motion, Peter.

      Last week [16-19] was the 200th anniversary of the battle of Leipzig. It was the largest battle to date with almost 400,000 troops taking art. At the end there were 100,000 dead. A sobering vision.

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      To the Immortal Memory Pause to Remember all effected by the events off Cape Trafalgar in 1805.
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