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46915William Howe Mulcaster Mission/1000 Islands Flotilla

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  • Tom Hurlbut
    Aug 1, 2013
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      The recently completed 1000 Islands Flotilla event was one that alternately
      thrilled and then taxed the resolve of the participants as the weather
      varied and the distance wore us down. Boats were subjected to rain and high
      winds alternating with dead calms and the baking sun, all while dodging the
      heavy wakes of freighters and power boats. Still, most would agree that the
      experience was a terrific one and I think we should all be proud of what was

      As possible, the villages and towns that hosted the Flotilla were saluted as
      we made our way from Bath to Upper Canada Village. They were further treated
      to the boats and tall ships that made up the expedition that docked at
      various facilities, both private and public, and the crews interacted with
      the civilians when we could. At Brockville, a storm warning and small craft
      advisory had us off the river early, so unfortunately, our salute to the
      town was somewhat early. Other than that wrinkle, our timetable was followed
      pretty closely. That's quite an achievement when dealing with boats and
      adverse winds and weather.

      The business of setting up and breaking down the encampments each day for
      six days in a row was one that most re-enactors do not experience and
      contributed to the general fatigue, but by the end of the expedition, I
      think we all had an appreciation for the iron men of old who made a life of
      just this activity. Certainly, by the time we arrived at Upper Canada
      Village, we were much more efficient.

      I would like to thank the communities who hosted the Flotilla on its
      mission. We were royally treated all along the way, free dockage and food,
      and often saluted by the communities with cannon fire and crowds of
      interested people. Eastern Ontario is a region that appreciates its history.

      I would also like to thank all the participants for their efforts and
      contributions to completing the mission. I appreciate that you followed the
      plan as best could be done. Any failures were mine. I'll make a better plan
      for next time.

      As Acting-Commodore, I would like to extend my special commendation to the
      crew of Ruth Agnes B. who completed the entire 180+ km journey under sculls
      alone. The skiff often had to leave earlier than the rest of the Flotilla
      and we would spend the greater part of the day looking for Ruth somewhere
      ahead. We were always rewarded with the inspirational sight of her Red
      Ensign against the northern shore. She would often be the first of the
      flotilla to reach the day's intended port. I think I merely lead the chorus
      when I say, "Well done!"

      Your Humble Servant,

      Thomas Hurlbut, Acting-Commodore,

      Crown Forces North America Naval Establishments

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