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46861Battle of the Thames registrations

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  • Mark Dickerson
    Jun 25, 2013
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      There appears to be some difficulty with some of the registrations for the
      Battle of the Thames. Many people are registering without any problems but
      others are not able to open the Word Document for re-enactor registration.
      We are working on the problem, but just to make sure everybody is working on
      the correct page, here are some step by step instructions.

      1. Go to www.battleofthethames.ca

      2. Click on "Re-enactor registration"

      3. Click on "Re-enactor Registration Form"

      4. This should open a Word Document that you fill in and return it to:
      registration@... or mail it to:1032 Dufferin Ave,
      Wallaceburg, Ont, N8A 2V8

      IF you click on Re-enactor information, that is NOT the registration form.
      That is just information for the weekend.

      If all else fails, simply fill in this email and send it to:
      registration@... BUT PLEASE try to fill in the form and
      return it, otherwiae our registrar has to retype all you information into
      our databank.

      Mark Dickerson

      The form should look like this:

      Last name: ____________________ First name: _______________

      Address: ________________




      Phone: _______________ Email: ___________

      Please list all minors that are 15 or younger that will accompany you.

      ________________________ ____________________________

      ________________________ ____________________________

      Are you with: Native___ British______ American _______

      Are you a combatant? Yes_____ No______

      Unit: _______________________

      Tent type: period________ modern __________

      Do you wish to attend the Ball at the Forks on Saturday night? Yes__ No__

      Supper, dance & late buffet: $55

      Dance & late buffet only $30 __

      (Note: the first 100 to register, will receive free dance tickets. )

      I agree to be a volunteer of Heritage Days(registered Canadian Charity) for
      the duration of the Battle of the Thames-2013 event, Oct 4th-Oct 6th, 2013.

      Signed ________________________________ Date:

      Adult sign if 16 or 17 years old: _________________________________________

      Email this form to: registration@...

      Or mail to: Battle of the Thames, 1032 Dufferin Ave, Wallaceburg, Ontario,
      N8A 2V8

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