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46841Battle of the Thames

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  • Mark Dickerson
    Jun 18, 2013
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      The Battle of the Thames registration page is now operational. Please go to
      www.battleofthethames.ca and click on "Re-enactor Registration". The
      're-enactor information' and 're-enactor registration' pages will pop up.
      Simply click on 'registration' and a word document will open. Simply fill
      it in and return via email or snail mail to
      <mailto:registration@...> registration@...

      Historic Merchants please click on "Vendors" and a 'period vendors' tab will
      come up. Please fill out the form and send it to our beloved Susan Spencer.

      All participants need to register and sign in when they arrive in order to
      be covered by the insurance policy due to the fact that we have horses on
      site and participating in the battle.

      The Battle of the Thames is going to be at 14376 Longwoods Road near
      Thamesville, Ontario.

      Raw food will be provided for units to cook on their own.


      Thursday Oct 3rd- Set up day for all merchants and re-enactors who wish to
      be onsite for Friday.

      Friday Oct 4th is Education Day. Please do not arrive and try to set up
      while the kids are on site.

      Saturday Oct 5th- BATTLE OF THE THAMES and the BALL AT THE FORKES

      Sunday Oct 6th- NO public in attendance, re-enactor only battle and
      commemoration services.

      The Battle of the Thames is going to try and duplicate the original battle
      as reasonably accurate as possible. If the artillery units would be willing
      to participate as either British or American militia, then that would be
      great as no artillery was used during the original battle. Also, if as many
      people as possible are willing to dress as US militia or regulars, that will
      also help. Harrison had about 3500 troops (2300 militia), Tecumseh had
      roughly 500 followers left, and Procter had about 800 regulars. I would
      really like to impress to the public just how outnumbered the 41st Regiment
      and Tecumseh's followers were.

      On Sunday everybody can go back to their original units to participate in
      the "re-enactor only" cross country battle. This will be travelling across
      fields, forests and streams with a very loose script, much like Maryland was
      a few years ago. Sunday IS NOT open to the public.

      Saturday night is the Ball at the Forkes. There is a supper, period dance
      and late night buffet with free bussing to and from the dance. It is going
      to be held at the historic Essex and Kent Regimental Armoury in Chatham. It
      is open to everybody. The FIRST 100 PEOPLE TO REGISTER will receive free
      tickets to the dance and late night buffet. After that the cost is $30. If
      you want to attend the supper, the cost is $55 for everything. Please
      indicate your choice on the registration form.

      All these details are in the re-enactor information page or contact me
      directly with questions.

      Mark Dickerson

      Battle of the Thames-2013

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