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  • Gigi
    Jun 13, 2013
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      As requested.

      I am called many things, however, I best respond to, "Gigi."

      I am the secretary for the 2nd Reg't of Lincoln Militia and also portray a late loyalist private in said same militia unit. For those who live in/around Niagara, you may have seen me in my dresses or skirts as well. Yes, I suppose that when I put on the wool pants that rise nearly to my armpits and the dark blue wool coat that I'm a cross dresser...big black cross my heart marking the spot with a shiny brass plate...1812 ironman anyone?

      I am the proprietor of McAndrews Artificer & Smithery. This year the majority of our work is in repairing military swords but that doesn't keep me out of other endeavours as well <wink>. ...perhaps a gun-smithing course.

      My husband brought me into the hobby. He's the Sgt. in the 2nd Linc's, he's also the group VP/CEO. He bought me my first musket and my first rifle. Thanks Mike!

      Well, That's the intro.
      Thanks for welcoming me onto the boards!