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46832Beaver Dams - June 22-23 2013 UPDATE and Registration

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  • Craig Williams
    Jun 12, 2013
      Hey folks,

      I am passing this along on behalf of Mr Rittner.
      Please contact him if you are interested in joining in.

      So far I believe he has had no indicated interest from the native/
      first nations reenactors, which would greatly enhance this event. It
      is their victory after all.
      This event looks to be a great way to connect with the public, tell
      the story and have some fun!

      > I finally have more particulars regarding the Beaver Dams
      > Commemoration Weekend. June 22-23, 2013.
      > As mentioned before the Thorold 1812 Bicentennial Committee asked
      > myself and the 49th to help with the event. We are not organising
      > the entire event just helping with re-enactors our displays.
      > As of before, there is NO full scale re-enactment. This event is in
      > conjunction with other local events and is the rendezvous point for
      > the Laura Secord Walk and the 200th Anniversary commemoration of the
      > Battle of Beaver Dams. It is expected to be very well attended by
      > spectators.
      > The plan is to portray the 50 man British Outpost on the original
      > Decew House where the James Fitzgibbon commanded the infamous
      > company of the 49th Regiment of Foot and the attached native
      > contingent.
      > We anticipated a smaller event amongst other events that mimics the
      > on goings of running a proper military HQ and outpost. The
      > organizers whole heartedly support us.
      > The Decew Heritage Park has been nicely rehabilitated and there is
      > ample room for all activities and our military bivouac. There will
      > be on site portable toilets and potable water supply, There are
      > several nice trails along a picturesque water shed area. The other
      > half of the park will host a festival like atmosphere and stage.
      > There is also field for parade activities. See attached map and
      > schedule of events.
      > In addition to the schedule, Our role is act as the military
      > presence and throughout the day impressions of a military camp,
      > posting sentries, send off patrols, musket line demos, commemorative
      > ceremony, etc.
      > They will be providing a cord of firewood, toilets, potable water,
      > local transport if needed, and on-site parking.
      > Breakfasts (Sat/Sun) is provided as well as a Saturday night pasta
      > dinner at a local church facility. I did not ask for straw as that
      > is usually just a mess for someone else to clean up. If I have
      > forgotten anything please let me know.
      > At this point I am asking you to forward this accompanying
      > information to your unit members and please return a registration or
      > email to let me know how many are coming.
      > Our goal is to have approximately 50 redcoats from various units
      > that will act as one company for the weekend.
      > Adrian Rittner
      > 49th Regiment of Foot (recreated)
      > Canadian Military Heritage Society
      > 905-658-4577

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