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46798looking for kit to borrow

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  • penelopepots@rogers.com
    May 19, 2013
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      My daughter's boyfriend is joining us at fort george and as he is 6'7" and my son is, well... not, I am hoping someone on the list might be willing to lend us a pair of pants and a shirt for Sean.
      He is very slim and, like I said, very tall.
      As I am in merchant's row he can get away with a more casual look, more camp follower then soldier. We don't need full kit in other words.
      I am more then happy to wash and return the borrowed items to the lender at the next event. I think he will be able to buy his own kit within the first month of the season as he has just started a new job.
      thanks in advance,
      Penni (the potter)