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46785Seeds for corn

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  • Chris Pohlkamp
    May 13 6:41 AM
      Peter, if Kim can't help, I might be able to.

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      From: peter monahan
      Date: 13/05/2013 9:37:32 AM
      To: WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: RE: 1812 Stoney Creek

      Kim Nothing to do with 1812! I was contacted recently by a gent who is
      helping plant a three sisters garden for the Chippewa of Rama and wants to
      get the correct kind of corn. So far the best I can come up with is
      Iroquois White Corn", but with now source of seeds. Any thoughts on this?
      BTW, I'm the camp planner for Stony, so talk nice to me and I won't put you
      on the mezzanine level! :) Peter


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