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  • Craig Williams
    May 10, 2013
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      To all participants,

      The Bicentennial reenactment of the Battle of Stoney Creek is nearing,
      and due to the geographic location, limited space and expanded content
      of the program, the organizing committee feels that we need to
      communicate any adjustments to the way that we have done things in
      previous years so that all participants are aware ahead of time and
      aren't met with any unnecessary surprises.

      Stoney Creek access for arriving participants Friday evening.

      Due to the ceremony being held at Smiths Knoll on Friday night, the
      Legion has applied for and received permission for a road closure from
      6 to 8:30 PM
      The ceremony, of course, will not be that long but for permit reasons
      they have to bracket the event with a pad of time before and after.

      What does this mean to us?
      If you are arriving at the event to load in after 6 PM, you may have a
      short delay getting past the road block.
      The road must be blocked right at Centennial parkway in order to
      ensure the safety of those using the road for the ceremony. We are
      currently working with the police to create a system by which they
      will be letting participants through in groups while redirecting all
      other traffic.
      There will be more detail closer to the event to let you know how this
      will be done but the organizing committee wanted to keep everyone
      apprised of the situation as we near this event.

      Camp Changes.

      "The only thing they aren't making more of kid... Is real estate!"

      We are going to be crowded in folks. If you can double up on canvas (2
      to a tent?) it could help.
      The British will now be camped on the front lawn right on the corner
      of Centennial and King. The Militia are on the front lawn of the main
      The US forces are now camped where the UK forces were last year, in
      between the Merchants and the Battlefield area, (which is perfect for
      the Battle scenario).

      On behalf of the committee,

      Craig Williams

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