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46725RE: 1812 Reminder - Make plans to attend the 200th Anniversary Massacre at Fort Mims

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  • Thomas Robinson
    Apr 23, 2013
      Sadly, Fort Mims was a family feud that spilled over into front-line US politics. Many of the inhabitants that had sought shelter inside the fort were half-blood Muskogee, along with White and European settlers. Outside, the Red Stick faction consisted of mixed-blood kinfolk mulattoes and full-blood Creek. There are stories that William Weatherford (Red Eagle) was disgusted by that sight of family-on-family violence and tried to stop the attack. In one well documented instance, a woman, Vicey McGirth and her children were saved from the slaughter by a Red Stick warrior, whom she had taken in and raised as her own child when he was orphaned as a child. He placed himself in front of the woman and children, telling other warriors that he was taking them as slaves. The young warrior spirited Mrs. McGirth and the children to Pensacola and later to his farmstead. Afterward, he told his "White mother" that he would not survive the conflict and was killed at Horseshoe Bend.
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