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  • roy winders
    Apr 8, 2013
      Hi Gerry,
      officers were told / ordered to wear the red tunic in battle so as not to be mistaken for a white savage, I believe they would
      have worn the most basic red coat as they would be fighting in the bush.
      Gold braided finery would have been reserved for negotiations etc.
      To use a modern equivalent, a ceo would'nt attend a shareholders meeting in overalls, nor would a 3 star general wear a dress uniform in a tank.
      Men such as Elliott lived in 2 worlds.

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      "petemonahan" wrote:

      > Gerry

      > Yes, there was a uniform for British officers, including various people who had temporary commissions during the War. It consists, as you note, of a green coat with red facings.

      > A reasonably good image can be found on the Cdn Forces history site "Aboriginal People in the Canadian Military Chapter Three: In Defence of their Homelands" [http://www.cmp-cpm.forces.gc.ca/dhh-dhp/pub/boo-bro/abo-aut/chapter-chapitre-03-eng.asp%5d about half way down the page.

      > A fascinating topic!

      > Peter Monahan

      Thanks Peter, I'm no expert on uniforms and I get confused easily as I don't do British Milt.,,, the document reads "scarlet with green facings" so is that scarlet for the main body of the coat and green at the cuffs, collar and lapels when turned out?

      When I hear green with red facings I think the oppisite, green mainbody with red facings at cuffs collar, lapels ?

      I have seen the N.D. site pic before and always wondered what primary source information it was based on? It doesn't seem to totally reflect information found in Chartrands book British Forces in North America, of a suspected B.I.D coat as worn by McKay in his portriat for Col. McDonall. No gold lace showing in the National Defence pic, with gold lace as mentioned in the document as indicating an officer. The document does mention for a blacksmith the same scarlet with green facings but no gold lace.

      There must have been many different uniforms seen and worn throughout the war, Thomas Caldwell with the Essex Militia also became a member of the Indian Department and saw action with his Fathers Western Rangers along with his brother Francis and I can't imagine Thomas having three different uniforms anytime he was called to lend a hand.Those of lesser means I'm sure had no uniform at all.

      Anyway, I was just passing on information that was written over two hundred years ago so again, anyone interested can take out of it what ever they'd like. It is an interesting subject none the less.

      Kindest Regards,


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