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46637Re: 1812 1807 Book of Etiquette for the Apprentice

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  • David Hildebrand
    Mar 15, 2013
      Well, I can't say I agree on the sections about dancing and music, especially. Why should these things be avoided at all costs? Because they are the hallmarks of the Upper Class! What better way for those who grew up dancing the minuet to ensure their ranks are not diluted? Tell the lesser folks they shouldn't dance or play music or attend concerts. How do the wealthiest define their daily hours? That they need not truly work but instead can dissipate themselves upon ornamental expressions like chamber music and social dancing. Compare this guidebook for the middle class with the rules of civility that George Washington copied out by hand . . . . .

      Thanks for sharing this rich primary source, Len!

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      Hello All,

      I just ran across an interesting book of etiquette and advice aimed at the young apprentice. The author a past Lord Mayor of London, has has some interesting advice on choosing a wife, the company he keeps, manners and if should he join a corps of volunteers.



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