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46618Fort Montgomery & The Tensaw Country Event - March 16-17

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  • nactorman
    Mar 4, 2013
      Just a last minute reminder about the upcoming Ft. Montgomery & The Tensaw Country Event:

      March 16-17, 2013 - Tensaw, AL - Fort Montgomery & The Tensaw Country 1813.
      In recognition of the 200th Anniversary of the Red Stick War and the War of 1812, Fort Mims State Historic Site and the Fort Mims Restoration Association will be hosting "Fort Montgomery & The Tensaw Country" - a weekend of living history on the 'near frontier.' US Regulars, Territorial Militia, Civilians, and, of course, Red Stick Warriors are invited to help portray life and conflict during this turbulent period. In addition to a frontier encampment, demonstrations, music, and other activities, there will be daily skirmishes between the Militia and Red Sticks. Event information to be posted soon on the FMRA's website at: www.FortMims.org