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46415RE: 1812 Re: Playterson Lake Simcoe Portage Location

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  • Tom Hurlbut
    Jan 2, 2013
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      Hi Bruce!

      I was wondering if there are any plans to commemorate this site and its
      purpose during the war as part of the 1812 Bicentennial, and if not, would
      you consider leading a committee to do so? As the leader of the Lake Simcoe
      Squadron (a re-enactment group operating historic boats in this area) I
      would certainly be interested in participating re-enacting an element of
      this vital supply route, likely in 2014. It could be included as part of the
      existing Nine Mile Portage/Willow Creek event usually held in September (I
      could hope for a warmer month to be on the water), or the annual event held
      at Innisfil in August, also celebrating Lake Simcoe's heritage.

      Just wondering..

      "Cap'n" Tom


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      Check out this link

      Bruce Whittaker

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