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46406RE: 1812 Re: recover arms for pike

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  • Kevin Windsor
    Dec 29, 2012
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      From the standing orders of the 85th.

      "Whenever a Non-Commissioned Officer, Bugler, or Private has an occasion to
      address an Officer, give a report, &c, - if with arms, he raises his right
      hand, in the manner above described, to his cap, drops it to the Attention
      position, and raises it once more on leaving the Officer; if with arms he
      RECOVERS first, returns to the Carry, and only RECOVERS again when parting
      with the Officer"

      From "A Treatise on the British Drill and the Exercise of the Company" 1816

      "It is in the position of RECOVER ARMS that a soldier, when with his
      firelock, is at all times to address himself and speak to an officer; and it
      is likewise this position which is taken when the command Recover Arms is
      given as a preparative to the dismissal of a body of men;"


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      Why would the recover be used as a salute or present arms?


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