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46400RE: 1812 Re: Pike Drill for Serjeants, Revisited...

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  • Mark Dickerson
    Dec 28, 2012
      The original posting said "With arms, and when advanced, upon meeting
      Officers, the left hand is carried across the body with a smart motion to
      set the fuzee firm against the shoulder."

      So yes, when at the slope or carry, the left hand doesn't come across the
      body at all, but a sgt usually does carry the pike at the advance, so it
      would be the left hand that comes across assuming that is the situation.

      Mark D

      Original message:

      I respectfully disagree that the left hand across the body came from the
      'slope arms' to 'carry arms' movement as this involves the right hand moving
      across the body, not the left..

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