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46323US Leather Shako Pattern

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  • Forrest Harris
    Dec 3, 2012
      Hello from a military miniature sculptor,
      In Chartrand's work and other references, I've noticed several variations in the "Tombstone" shako of 1813-1814. Some have high fronts that are fairly flat and square, while others have a somewhat conical design with a front that is more rounded at the top, and blended into the sides without much or any stitching or binding to set them off from the body of the cap. The squared variety sometimes have white binding around the false front, but sometimes not. Are all correct variations or is one more accurate than the others? Did they vary by contractor, lot, or unit? Was it just a case of the basic regulations leaving room for the contractor to make his own interpretation?

      Thanks for any assistance and perspectives you can provide!

      All the best,
      Forrest Harris
      Knuckleduster Miniatures
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