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46313Battle of Queenston Heights (U.S. side) Book

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  • lee@simonson.com
    Nov 26, 2012
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      The 60-page hardcover Battle of Queenston Heights souvenir
      book has been completed! This book captures the event from
      the U.S. side perspective, and has been compiled as a guide
      to the organizers of the TriCentennial -- 100 years from now.

      Included are many great photos and flattering comments from
      reenactors who said they thoroughly enjoyed the best hospitality
      they've ever experienced.

      Overall, a great event on both sides -- and a tribute to the
      volunteer reenactors and organizers who made it happen.

      You can review and order the book here: http://goo.gl/fCQS3

      Next up: Unveiling of the Tuscarora Heroes Monument on
      December 19, 2013!

      Lee Simonson, Volunteer
      Historical Association of Lewiston, NY

      P.S. One of the interesting aspects of the events that hasn't
      been discussed much was the transportation of the reenactors
      across the border. Volunteer organizers worked for months
      with Customs on both sides of the border to assure a smooth
      and quick crossing. When the 140 U.S. reenactors arrived
      at the Canadian border, all with muskets, all five buses were
      cleared in 7 minutes.

      Not to be outdone, when the reenactors returned, U.S.
      Customs cleared the buses in 5 minutes and 10 seconds!

      THANK YOU to Customs on both sides of the border for your
      support and cooperation for this bi-national event!
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