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46160Canada Day in Orangeville Looking for re-enactor(s) - Paid Event

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  • David Brunelle
    Sep 29, 2012
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      If you are interested in participating please contact Melissa Krakar
      directly at melissakrakar(at)gmail.com


      David Brunelle

      From: Melissa Krakar [mailto:melissakrakar@...]
      Sent: August-21-12 3:02 PM
      To: David Brunelle
      Subject: Where can I find a re-enactor?

      Hi David,

      What a great event it was on the weekend! It must have been a lot of work
      to coordinate all that - well done!! My family and I enjoyed ourselves on
      Saturday afternoon and evening, taking in the demonstrations and battles.
      Our 3 year old particularly enjoyed marching back towards the camp with the
      soldiers after the evening battle!

      So I'm doing some planning for Orangeville Canada Day celebrations 2013
      (thankfully a little earlier this year!) and while I really enjoyed both war
      of 1812 events I've been to this year, I believe that the funding won't be
      there for us to do something so full scale. I think it would be great if we
      could get one "soldier" that can bring along his tent and pack and be able
      to set that up as a small display and give 15 min talks throughout a 3 hour
      period (in the evening of July 1, 2013) on what it would have been like to
      be a soldier back then (i.e. a glimpse into the life of a soldier). Do you
      think there would be a re-enactor out there willing to do that and what do
      you think that would cost?

      Thanks in advance for your help!

      Kind regards,

      Melissa Krakar

      Rotary Club of Orangeville Highlands

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