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45670Re: May 4/5 "1813" Fort Meigs/Havre de Grace Weekend

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  • Ed
    May 30, 2012
      And Elkton is planning an event for the previous weekend to celebrate their 'turning back' the British. I'm actually trying to have the two events talk to each other and possibly work out a schedule to have one large event versus two, possibly, smaller attended ones due to traveling on back to back weekends.

      But at Havre De Grace, we may wind up fighting our way through the town, if my suggestion carries any weight.


      Ed Seufert
      1812 Royal Marines

      (Who wishes he was getting these emails instead of having to log in to read them)!

      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "tom4141fournier" <tom4141fournier@...> wrote:
      > "Drat! That is also the 200th anniversary of the sacking of Havre de Grace, Maryland, and big events are planned there, too."
      > Ann Wass
      > Welcome to the bicentennial years! We are going to be very busy and even with weekends with no apparent conflicts, smaller events and events on intervening weekends will bleed off available reenactors
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