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45642RE: 1812 Re: Women in Camp

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  • peter monahan
    May 27, 2012
      With reference to Ron's comments, I have just recently come across a reference - only one so far - to the women and children attached to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. The regiment shipped from Halifax to Quebec City in 1807 to reinforce the garrison in Lower Canada. The Quebec Mercury lists one of the ships arriving the following year as carrying one officer of the regiment and a number of wives and children. I don't have my notes handy but I do recall that it was a civilian ship, not Royal Navy, and that the date was at least 12 and possibly as long as 18 months after the main body of the regiment changed stations.

      My inference is that the followers were shipped in various lots as money and/or transport became available. Obviously a single entry doesn't preclude the majority of the families having made the trip with the men, but clkearly at least some did not and given the often callous attitude shown by the War Office and some officers, I think it quite conceivable that many or most of the families were sent after their men in penny packets as circumstances dictated!

      Peter Monahan

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