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  • shayna121
    May 26, 2012
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      Venning's book covers the redcoated period, so is not specific to the early nineteenth century, though I definitely enjoyed reading it. Following the Drum: Women in Wellington's Army is obviously Napoleonic in its time frame, though it focuses on the Peninsular Army. Finally, Dianne Graves' book In the Midst of Alarms focuses on the War of 1812, but goes far beyond camp followers.

      These three will give you a good start.

      Chris McKay

      Oh, and some women were in camp with the men and others were not. It depends on your class, army, location, campaign, and, of course, what you mean by "in camp." It's possible everyone you talked to was correct, therefore.

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      > > I am looking for a resource book that explains the roles of women in camp, what we were expected to do and where did we sleep?
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      > > I've heard that women were not in camp with the men during the war of 1812, but I have heard from others quite the opposite. Thanks.
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      > > Cheers,
      > > Mrs. Duncan
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