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45357Re: Cartridge Pouch Questions

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  • Ed
    Apr 3, 2012

      Doesn't look like many answers.

      It appears that the four part tray goes on top and the two part on the bottom from pictures and studies that I've seen.

      I've stuffed ten cartridges into each of the four openings of the top tray and 12-15 into one side of the bottom tray. On the other side, I keep a small container of oil, a tin of brick dust, a rag or two, a clamp, some used match-sticks and an extra sear spring. My musket tool goes into the outside sleeve with the punch stuck through a hole in the bottom to hold it in place. Flints, I keep in my coat pocket because trying to get them out of the lower tray during an action is impractical. The cartridges do fall over which requires much digging so in lulls I try to move them to the left of the box and easier grasp.

      If you give up the 'tools' in the one tray, you can get 60 rounds in, and for ease, I would pack 36 above and 24 below. Packing 10 in the upper tray is tight and pulling one can cause others to come out. But been using the thing for about 12 years now and can't complain. Of course, one of these days I'm going to dislocate my right shoulder digging for a catridge!


      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Harry" <hpilotto42@...> wrote:
      > All,
      > First, I use the 1804 Cartridge Pouch, holding 60 rounds in two tin trays, as I think do most British Infantry. My questions are which tin is suppose to be on top, the shallower two compartment one or the four compartment taller one?
      > I know Carl Franklin's BRITISH NAPOLEONIC UNIFORMS, page 133, shows taller on top. But it is difficult to dig the blank cartridges out in the heat of battle since they tump over to the bottom of the tray, or get bounced out while running. I have tried placing the shallower one on top, making small cardboard egg-crate style holders to keep the rounds upright, with mixed results.
      > Second, what items other than rounds are normally carried in the pouch? Extra flint and musket tool fit into the front pocket, but how about an oily whiping rag, cleaning jag or anything else? They must fit into the bottom tray, and that takes away ammo capacity.
      > Thanks,
      > Harry
      > 3d Coy, 1st Royal Scots
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