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    Apr 2, 2012
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      We always bought the boys (now 16 and 21) "inexpensive" leather dress shoes. While not period correct, it was as close as you're going to get in a "comfortable" shoe that offers decent support and the leather helped keep their feet drier and warmer. Once they got scuffed up a bit it was hard to tell them from a period shoe from any distance. 
      That being said, they spent a great deal of their time barefoot. 

      Hal Dennison

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      I am hoping to turn out my 2 kids this spring (girl 11, boy of 8) and footwear has me stumped. I know moccasins are an option, especially for "Ohio frontier" kids, but I don't think their feet are up to it (I know I could not do it) Does anyone have an economical and comfortable suggestion?


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