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45241RE: 1812 Re: Southern Militias during the War - SC

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  • Bob Boynton, RNCR 16th, etc.
    Mar 1, 2012
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      Hi again John

      No, I am sorry, but not. Georgia militias were involved in
      occupying/squatting on the GA-FLA border and starting to invade. They got
      as far as St Augustine before the Spanish did anything. The GA Gov. was
      called to the carpet and the US Navy gunboats that assisted were called
      back. I'm sure they would have gone to Andy Jackson's aid against the
      Creeks, but that's because they were neighbors. I've not done any searching
      for this, I am afraid. Hope this helps a bit


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      Thank you very much guys! Any clues about the Georgia Militia?

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