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445391812 Re: .69 Calibre Musket Balls ...something to note

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  • Stephen
    Nov 7, 2011
      According to US Ordnace Manuals .69 muskets fired .64 balls

      Stephen Allie

      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, peter monahan <petemonahan@...> wrote:
      > Colin I have not gone back to my sources - various documents gathered over a decade, but some years ago - but I'm going to challenge the notion that '69 calibre' balss were '65 mm' in diameter. British "75 calibre" [3/4 of an inch] were somewhere between .725 and .74 inches {calibre] to allow for loading with a patch or the waxed paper cartridge wrapped around them. Similiary, as I undestand it, "69 calibre" balls were probably between 66.5 and 68 calibre. I believe that "65" and "69" calibre were and are recognized as separate calibres or "bores" by the muzzle loading experts. Having said that, I suspect that firing .65 ball into a carcass, instead of .69, especially at short range, would produce very similar results. I also suspect that nobody out there is interested in measuring the difference in muzzle velocity between .65 and .675 when fired from a .69 calibre barrel and extrapolating the difference in damage to bone or soft tissue. So, Ron may well by able to use the ".65" balls for the experiment. Either way, I hope that he will let us know where wnd when we can read the resuts of this fascinating venture into practical archaeology!
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