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44527.69 Calibre Musket Balls

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  • rjdwarnock
    Nov 3, 2011
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      Hello List,

      I need to get a hold of about 20 US musket balls for some live firing.
      This is to help a McMaster University forensic pathologist who is studying wounds on human remains recovered at the Battlefield of Stoney Creek. Fort George was able to help Dr. Brickley a few years ago with skull shots and bayonet wounds--shooting and bayoneting pig carcasses as a pig's skull and ribs are similar to those of a human. By flensing the pig, the marks on the bones gave data that could be applied to wounds found on Stoney Creek remains.

      In this case the wounds are from the pelvises of two individuals, one of which looks like it was struck from behind by a ball and two buckshot. Apparently lamb hip bones are about the same thickness as human hip bones so Dr Brickley is preparing "targets" covered with wool cloth which will be shot with .75 calibre ball and (hopefully) .69 calibre ball and .69 buck and ball. The .75 calibre is not a problem and the correct sized buckshot is easy enough to find but I need a source for .69 calibre ball in the next two weeks.

      Any ideas or anyone who can sell me the balls please reply.


      Ron Dale
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