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44337Shackling prisoners [was 1812 who won?]

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  • petemonahan
    Oct 5, 2011
      Oddly enough, the same thing happened in WWII. Some of the few Germans captured in the disasterous Dieppe raid were handcuffed for the trip back to England, apparently to stop them destroying anything of intelligence value before they could be searched. And, no doubt, to make them easier to handle in crowded landing craft.

      The Germans got wind of this and shackeld an equivalent number of Canadaians captured on the raid. So the British re-shackled the Germans and... you get the idea. However, one Cdn later reported that in his camp, after the first week or so, the guards put the cuffs on for roll call each morning, fulfilling the bare letter of the order from Berlin ordering shackling, and took them off for the rest of each day. Yet another example of the common soldier being more humane and perhaps more intelligent than his alleged leaders!
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