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44175Re: 1812 RC on Ships

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  • Diane Williams
    Sep 9, 2011
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      I posted this question in the War of 1812 group hosted by Michael Dun, who
      lives in Scotland and does a lot of War of 1812 research at the Royal Navy
      Archives in Kew, England. He at first replied with Revenue Cutter, but
      couldn't find any such ships with these names:
      --RC stands for "revenue cutter" a useful note can be found at http://www.uscg.mil/history/USRMWarOf1812index.asp and associated links -
      but none of the vessels named are listed so if any have a different
      explanation I'd be interested.
      Then we got another response:
      Homer writes "I am quite certain that RC stands for RECAPTURE" and he is
      correct -- I apologize I should have realised all was not well when I
      couldn't find those vessels in the list of Revenue Cutters. As another
      Homer would say, "Doh!"

      Harrison Baker mentions same in his prisoner lists -- so using the list for
      Halifax, I checked on the Sarah, listed as Letter of Marque, and the name
      Covell, Clement, seaman, taken 14 Sept 1814 by HMS Maidstone.

      Lloyds's List 25 Oct. 1814:
      The Sarah, Headley, from St.John's N.B. to Barbadoes, was taken 14th ult.
      by the Shark privateer, retaken 28th by Maidstone frigate, and arrived at
      Halifax 30th.

      Best wishes,
      Latitude 56:47386 North Longitude -2:84576 West www.1812privateers.org
      ~~Diane Williams (ggg granddaughter of Privateer Captain John P. Chazal)

      >What does RC mean?
      >Thanks in advance.
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